Ultime lady


The ULTIME line embody the excellence of Lacroix’s 50-year expertise and aesthetics.
Designed with the finest materials, the ULTIME skis do not compromise quality or innovation.
The work of a real expert, the Titanal® plates receive a 2D etching with a dual function: sublimate the skis while protecting them from scratches. They benefit from a more specific treatment from increasing their mechanical properties and resistance.
The resulting skis are as prestigious as efficient, designed to live the best experiences of control.
Sold in exclusive series, Lacroix’s ULTIME Lady are designed for skiers who are passionate about exceptional products.

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. Sandwich construction Ti+
. Titanal®, Fiberglass
. Poplar/beech wood core
. Tip rocker
. Titanal® topsheet OAD treatment
. Bamboo straight sidewall
. 2D engraving
. High molecular weight ski base, chevron structure
. Aluminium ski heel machined in the mass


Tip : 124 mm
Waist : 77 mm
Tail : 110 mm
Radius : 12 m


Tip : 124 mm
Waist : 77 mm
Tail : 110 mm
Radius : 14 m


  • Bindings VSS412 Black/Silver
  • Ski bag LX Traveller
  • LX Strap