The unique ski

The unique ski

This season, Lacroix, the artist Julien Marinetti and the Galeries Bartoux collaborate to create a unique pair of skis. The artist's design has been laser-engraved on the Ultime, most prestigious pair of skis from the Lacroix collection. This process calls for accuracy and time, more than 12 hours of work to engrave the pair, to turn it into a work of art.

Julien Marinetti, painter, sculptor and illustrator, places its stamp on this special pair of skis. He calls for an authentic and sincere form of art, one that links technical know-how and creativity to sublimate the Lacroix product.

The work of art is exhibited and sold in Courchevel 1850, at the Galerie Bartoux.Julien Marinetti

The artist : Julien Marinetti

For over 15 years, Julien Marinetti has charted his own course as an artist. The painter, sculptor, engraver and illustrator has his own unique and novel artistic approach. Merging painting and sculpture, he has created what he calls “the syncretism of art".

He is the living antithesis of resin, monochrome and Photoshop, and violently refutes any sort of “art” that is easy. He calls instead for an authentic and sincere form of art, one that links technical know-how and creativity.

La Galerie Bartoux Courchevel 1850

The gallery : les Galeries Bartoux

Galeries Bartoux is an international group with 18 galleries located in France, Monaco, London, New York and Miami representing a whole new generation of artists.

The Bartoux family’s artistic approach is to interact with the public by making them aware of art while opening a window on new and exciting cultural values. The galleries are open spaces for collectors and passionates. The Bartoux Galleries are open spaces. They are places of exchange and meeting between passionate people from often different horizons. All creative and talented artists are welcome and have their place in the Galeries Bartoux.