Ski Fabrication

Lacroix's line of work requires a certain mastery of diverse materials and specific technologies. This diverse know-how, faced with the demands of passionate skiers is used to produce equipment that meets the technical requirements while optimizing the pleasure gained from skiing.

We dare to change certain habits to make new ones : a philosophy to innovate.

Step 1 : The corse is machine-processed

Highly flexible and resistant, bamboo guarantees high shock absorption, an excellent grip on hard snow and a unequaled stability on every snow.

Step 2 : Preparing the base

Use of P-TEX base with high molecular weight guaranteeing slips quality and durability.

Cut of the logo and insertion by hand.

Step 3 : Bending the edges

To get a maximum resistance while bringing an irreproachable finish, Lacroix uses discontinued edges.

Their specificity, a proper bending for each model and size.

Step 4 : Cutting the fiberglass

Lacroix chooses high quality fibers manufactured in France. Its construction is optimized to guarantee resistance to flex and torsion efforts.

Step 5 : Manufacturing and pressing the skis

Base / Unidirectional Fiber / Titanal® / Bamboo / Unidirectional Fiber / Titanal®

Step 6 : Finish

Clipping, sanding, polishing and sharpening of the edges and preparation of the base.

To offer top performance structures, Lacroix works in collaboration with one of the best French preparator.