Titanal® Treatment

For many years, Larcoix has made the choice to design its own skis on the basis of a Titanal® construction, a unique alloy known for the excellence of its mechanical properties, three times lighter and more dynamic than steel.

The two Titanal® strips around the core give the skis total torsional stability and extraordinary flexural power. Its anti-vibration characteristics guarantee comfort and ultra-precise curve control.

To further optimise the performance of this material, Lacroix uses a high-tech manufacturing process, often used by advanced industrial sectors, to ensure the exceptional skiability of its products.

All these steps are carried out in France in collaboration with different specialists for each of them.

Step 1 : Microporous treatment

Creation of micropores on the back of the Titanal® to ensure a maximal grip for the collage phase.

Step 2 : Conversion treatment

Electrolytic treatment in acid environment optimizing mechanical properties of the Titanal®, and improve its resistance to scratch and corrosion. This process is also used to colorize the Titanal®.

Step 3 : Engraving

Embellishment of the Titanal® by drilling its surface. Beyond aesthetic appearance, engraving is also used to change the flexibility of the Titanal® and protect it against scratch.

Step 4 : Laser cutting

Cut of the Titanal® by fiber laser technology, ensuring a precision level unequaled.