Made in France

For the 2018-2019 collection, Lacroix went back to its roots by manufacturing all its high-end skis ( Edition France ski and the Utlime ) in France, which amounts 40% of its range.


Because every snows are different, because no practice is similar, because ski is a passion, every Lacroix product is unique. This unicity comes from industrial and strategic choices which privileged small quantity production of voluntary unique products. Elaboration of skis is made with very specific requirements, without any concession on the quality of materials and processes. Many exclusive patents protect technical innovations and different technical options have been taken since many years, to propose outstanding skis, really different.



Passion Technology Design

Since its creation, Lacroix is known by the high quality of its products, their technicality and unique design. Pioneer at the beginning - the first compact ski -, the brand nurtures its difference with the conception of technical products of exception. This all comes from a passionate team : engineers, designers, athletes and competitors forming a creation and thinking laboratory. All animated by this passion of sport, leading to the conquest of mountains, and win the challenge against nature. Requirement, in every detail, is their guideline.


Lacroix was not satisfied to supply a new response in the world of ski equipment, but wanted to place an emphasis on conception manufacture, compisition and environmental impact.

Lacroix designs its products in France and relies on exclusive, relevant collaborations. Lacroix aims to reduce its environmental impact, favoring local skills and knowledge, testing the quality and origins of its materials and monitoring the ethical behavior of its collaborators.