icone lacroix

World Championship, PORTILLO - Chile

World championships are full speed. Léo Lacroix, a French among others, with skis under his arms. Nothing extraordinary… What is, is that his skis have been made by himself, in a secret carpentry workshop in Amont, his native village, with an accomplice, his cousin, Daniel Lacroix.

This is the first time in the history that an athlete will ride with homemade skis. Even better, he will win to silver medals. This is the starting point of an incredible journey between these two cousins, Léo the medallist and Daniel the designer.


Creation of the brand LACROIX.

Created by Léo Lacroix in 1967, this French Ski champion brought his vocation to the brand : invent performant and elegant products, giving the skier exclusives emotions.

127 ski pairs are produced the first year.

Victories :

- Silver medallist at Olympic games (Innsbruck – 1964) : Downhill
- Silver medallist at World championships (Innsbruck – 1964) : Downhill
- Silver medallist at World championships (Portillo – 1966) : Downhill and combined
- French champion (1955, 1960, 1963) : Slalom
- French champion (1963) : Downhill


Developpement of the brand

In 1973, the company buys the Straver factory in Perrignier, which has a production of 14 000 ski pairs every year.



In 1979, Vittel enters in the capital of Lacroix. The "Tailors of ski" can produce annualy 20 000 pairs. 70% of the sales are international (USA and Japan mainly).