• 916,67 €

    Lightness, manageability and versatility, the LX PEARL has all the qualities desired by athletic and demanding skiers. Its effective grip on all qualities of snow enables it to carve turns in all conditions with confidence.Just like its name, its new refined white pearl dress combine elegance with purity.
    916,67 €
  • 750,00 €

    The ZENITH jacket stands out through its elegance and femininity with no compromise on technicity.
    750,00 €
  • 79,17 €

    The sophisticated ARCTIC beanie guarantees comfort and warmth thanks to its fleece lining.
    79,17 €
  • 333,33 €

    The MOON pants mirror the design and features of the ZENITH jacket to offer an extremely elegant outfit.
    333,33 €
  • 150,00 €

    Chic and refined, the new IONIC goggle and its photochromic lens offers optimal vision in all conditions.
    150,00 €
  • 4 166,67 € 4 390,83 €

    A true weapon of curves and speed, the new LACROIX MIRAGE ski reveals a stealthy look at the height of its performances. Resulting from a premium manufacturing process and advanced materials, this ski has the best technical and exclusive advantages. In action the MIRAGE proves formidable stability and precision and offers unique sensations in every turn, whether short or long.
    4 166,67 € 4 390,83 €
  • 750,00 €

    Simple, light and functional, the PHANTOM jacket offers cutting-edge comfort and performance and guarantees the highest level of protection under any conditions.
    750,00 €
  • 45,83 €

    The STELLAR beanie completes the Mirage silhouette and offers optimum comfort thanks to its mix of cashmere and merino wool.
    45,83 €
  • 375,00 €

    Complementing the PHANTOM jacket, the PRISM pants meet the same high demands for functionality and comfort.
    375,00 €
  • 200,00 €

    Technical and sporty, the new LACROIX NITRIC goggle guarantees the best of comfort and protection in all weathers thanks to its photochromic lens.
    200,00 €
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