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  • 916,67 €

    Lightness, manageability and versatility, the LX PEARL has all the qualities desired by athletic and demanding skiers. Its effective grip on all qualities of snow enables it to carve turns in all conditions with confidence.Just like its name, its new refined white pearl dress combine elegance with purity.
    916,67 €
  • 1 666,67 €

    LACROIX’s iconic LXR ski returns this year with new etched motifs and double anodising of its Titanal® topsheet.Beyond the aesthetic aspect, this treatment of the material makes it possible to optimise the mechanical properties while protecting its surface.Perfect combination of power and comfort, the LXR is a dynamic and eye-catching ski on all snow but the control remains accessible to all skier profiles.
    1 666,67 €
  • 1 083,33 €

    The LX OFFTRACKER is LACROIX’s ultimate polyvalent ski, as comfortable on piste and off.Its generous size and its rocker give this fun ski load-bearing capacity and manoeuvrability in powder.However, it retains sidecut for sound handling on piste, where its grip and dynamism remain exceptional.The best compromise for enjoying the mountain in all its forms.
    1 083,33 €
  • 1 083,33 €

    Ultra-efficient and playful, the LX GRAVITY is an adrenaline weapon.Its structure combining wood and Titanal® gives it dynamism and precision in the series of curves on piste as well as a large capacity to absorb reliefs off piste.The LX GRAVITY is for skiers whose priority is the pleasure of skiing.
    1 083,33 €
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